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New Look Waste Prices & Services 2016

May I take this opportunity to introduce ourselves; we are a highly established waste disposal company operating In and around Manchester City Centre for over fifteen years. We provide a number of waste services our main source being our refuse sacks bags are Bio -Degradable as we like to take an active part in recycling. The purchase of the bags includes our daily collection service. Bags are ordered when needed and delivered promptly within four hours of your order. The price of the bags includes the collection service our collections are Seven days per week, a morning and evening collection to comply with waste regulations, we also maintain our collections on Bank Holidays!

Please contact our Office on : 0161 876 5123 or email: office@newlookwaste.co.uk for prices of our bags (including services) Thanks



General Daily Perishable Waste Bags £1.10 per bag

Any Recycled Bags 99p per bag



At New Look we try to encourage to participate in an active part of recycling, therefore we can provide refuse sacks to contain waste paper/cardboard for recycling, for those companies keen to guarantee a higher percentage of recycling. The Bags can be put out along side your Daily Waste to be collected. The bags are white in colour and have the type of waste clearly stated on them; the prices of the bags are the same as the daily waste bags.



We can provide bags to dispose of glass waste, bottles to be recycled !

Bags will be collected from your Premises at a designated time



We also provide bags to contain your plastics or canned waste for recycling all bags can be

Included in your order and are at the same price as your daily waste bags, Morning collections only for recycled bags,




Clearance Waste collections, to dispose of any bulk waste Office Furniture ex display items etc… We provide the labour and vehicle to take away any bulk waste that needs collecting with great efficiency and at reasonable prices. Please ring for a Free quotation with no obligation.



Please note that all our customers are provided with A Duty Of Care Transfer Note, this is your guarantee that all waste taken by us is pre-treated and disposed of in accordance to environmental regulations. We also hold a certificate of Accreditation from National Britannia as we are a quality assured company. I do hope you find our services useful, and if you do require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on the above,