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Glass Recycling Information

Glass Recycling by Newlook Waste Disposal


By Recycling One Bottle there is an amazing energy saving

One Bottle will :

Power a Colour TV for 20 Minutes

Power a Personal Computer for 25 minutes

Power a 100 watt Light Bulb for nearly one hour

Power a Washing Machine for 10 Minutes

Glass Service

We provide a comprehensive service for all our customers. We collect many different types of bottles in all variants of colours. We Provide bags to contain the bottles which are collected from your Premises on a Daily Basis or when needed.

Our typical customers include Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants.

Glass never wears out it can be Recycled for ever

In fact it can be recycled time after time without losing any of its clarity or purity source

All the Glass we collect is 100% recyclable and is turned back into Beer Bottles